Exclusive NFT Membership for Bro Bro's

Hey BroBros! Welcome to the BroBro 420 Club. We are an exclusive online society of stoners who love NFTs and uplifting our Brommunity.

What's so cool about this Membership?

Memberships grant you yearly access to being a part of the Brommunity!

We refer to our members as “ bro bros”. All members are eligible to receive brommunity monthly perks!

Our Goal is to Provide Our Community with as Much Value Possible!

The Drop: Early Bro Gets the Joint

Limited to 1 Membership per Account. No packs can be opened prior to the sell out of the initial 420 after the completion of the initial sale an announcement will be made.

$KENN Token

$KENN is a wax-based token and official currency of the  BroBro 420 Club.  $KENN token will be Airdropped to members of the Brommunity.

Liquidity pools will be added to Alcor.exchange.

$KENN will have utility throughout the project’s roadmap- Blendable Packs, Raffle Tickets, Merch, and more things we can’t tell you yet.

You can now stake $KENN on bludac.io


Frequently Asked Questions

First round is active!

The Bro Bro 420 Membership is a Key to a secret online society represented in the form of an NFT. This Key grants you access to monthly airdrops from exclusive artist, entry to raffles and giveaways, community pools, members only chat, and more.

There will be initially 420 memberships. 7 days after the 3rd NFT pack drop happens, an additional 420 memberships will become available. This will happen 4 times every 12 months.

No. Memberships cannot be transferred. Only redeemable items given though the membership can.

You can purchase 1 membership per account

Yes. Memberships are only good for a 12 month period and will expire 1 year from purchase date.

Yes. All NFTs that are claimed throughout the period of time you have your membership can be listed, sold, and transferred.

The Member only chat can be found in our discord. First you must verify your membership under #Memerbship-verification. You will be prompted to connect your wallet holding your NFT. This will grant you access to our Secret Society.

join the brommunity!